Be smooth. Get rOUgh! 

 All rOUgh products are formaldehyde and paraben free!

What is rOUgh SOAP???!!


rOUgh SOAP is the original GAME & FOOT BAR. Tough on calluses and hard on grim, it's soap that doesn't mess around for men and women who don't slow down! It's a stone, a soap, and a moisturizer all in one.  A foot bar, a hand bar, and everything in between--whether you're coming off the mat, the field, or the beach--wherever your game takes you, if you play rOUgh, you need rOUgh SOAP! Exfoliates like ground pumice will help you shed the outer layers of dead skin, while Shea butter and glycerin will moisten and protect the newly revealed surface layers.  Every bar of rOUgh SOAP is loaded with concentrated pure essential oils chosen specifically for their antiseptic and antifungal properties.  This is soap designed with the active lifestyle in mind!



Please be advised that rOUgh SOAP has relocated and is in the process of reorganizing. I will be unable to fulfill orders during this transition. Please feel free to contact me directly at in the interim.  I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to reopen the shop by the end of the year.  Thank you to all my loyal customers for your support and patronage.  

Best Wishes,

Nicky Kasdorf

rOUgh SOAP Founder

Blood Orange GAME & FOOT BAR 5.5 oz

Blood Orange GAME & FOOT BAR 5.5 oz

Sicilian Blood Orange & ground walnut shells for hands, feet, and everything in between!

Athlete's Choice Powder & Pumice GAME & FOOT BAR 5.5 oz

Athlete's Choice Powder & Pumice GAME & FOOT BAR 5.5 oz

Soap as tough as you are! Powder & Pumice in a bar designed with your game in mind! 

rOUgh SOAP is the official post-workout bar for rOUgh BOYS MMA.  Please browse through the store for more information about all rOUgh products, or you can visit The rOUgh BLOG to learn more about rOUgh bY KASDORF'S. If you'd like to be kept updated on discounts, sales, and product news, you can sign up to follow the blog via email on The rOUgh BLOG homepage. Because all rOUgh SOAP products are handcrafted, please keep in mind supplies are limited.