About Us

Originally designed as a foot bar, rOUgh SOAP was inspired by the trouble I had taking good care of my feet while serving in the Army. Women with dry, cracked, and itchy feet quickly became my best customers, but then I discovered their husbands were using my foot bars as body soap! My husband suggested I give some samples to his mixed martial arts team, and now my rOUgh SOAP GAME AND FOOT BAR is the official soap of rOUgh BOYS MMA.

rOUgh SOAP is handcrafted with real essential oils chosen specifically for their skin-friendly properties. Other specialties proucts, like rOUgh SOAK, SCRUB, GIFTS and BUTTER are also frequently made available through the online rOUgh STORE. All products are crafted with the greatest level of care and the highest quality ingredients, such as premium butters and pure essential oils. Most rOUgh products are all natural, although some do contain small amounts of fragrance or preservative, which are always clearly listed on product labels.

Quality customer service is my top priority, so please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have regarding my products, and thank you for shopping with the rOUgh STORE!


Nicky Kasdorf